Lexicon Manual

The place to learn everything about Lexicon. Be sure to read about the Lexicon workflow.

Watch Folder

Lexicon has a watch folder. This folder is constantly being watched by Lexicon and any music file added to it will automatically be imported into Lexicon.

The default watch folder is Music/Lexicon/Watch Folder

Incoming Tracks

Tracks that are imported from the watch folder are called incoming tracks and you can find these in your Incoming page (Sidebar ➡ Tracks ➡ Incoming). This page gives you a great opportunity to process incoming tracks. For example, you can clean up tags, add cue points or add them to one or more playlists.

When you are done processing one or more tracks, you can select them and press Selected done. Or set the entire list as done by clicking All done.


You can delete tracks from the incoming list by selecting them and choosing Delete selected. This will delete the selected tracks from your library and from your computer.


When you press the Selected done button, Lexicon will automatically load the next track in the list and select it. You can bind this button to a hotkey in the settings. This will let you speed up the process with the right hotkeys.

Auto Move & Rename files

Any incoming track can automatically be moved to a destination of your choice. The move is performed when the track is marked as done.

Moving only happens if a target folder is set in the settings. If no target folder is set, track will not be moved and will stay in your watch folder. You can still rename files without moving them.

You can let Lexicon automatically create a subfolder inside your target folder based on the "pattern". This pattern can be changed in the settings on the Incoming page. There are three patterns that decide the name of the first, second and third subfolder. All three are optional.

Example: If you choose Genre as the first pattern, your tracks are going to be moved in subfolders with the name that is taken from the genre field from that track. It will look like this: C:/Users/Christiaan/Music/House/track.mp3. If your second pattern is BPM it would look something like C:/Users/Christiaan/Music/House/128/track.mp3

Most patterns work the same here with the exception of First tag. With the first tag pattern, the first tag that is in your first tag category is used as subfolder. You can change the category order on the Tags page. Whichever category is first, that is the category that is used.

If a field is empty, then the track will still be moved to the target folder but without extra subfolder.

File Rename Pattern

Lexicon can also change the filename of tracks that are moved automatically. To do this, you have to set up a filename pattern.

You can create a pattern by using field names surrounded by %, e.g. %artist%. You can combine these with normal text to create a pattern, e.g. %artist% - %title%. This would result in Daft Punk - Get Lucky.

You can choose from the following fields: artist, title, albumTitle, label, remixer, mix, composer, producer, grouping, lyricist, comment, key, genre, bpm, rating, color, year, durationSeconds, bitrate, playCount, sizeBytes, sampleRate, trackNumber, energy, danceability, popularity, extra1, extra2

You can also surround a field name with curly bracket { } to make it optional. When a field is optional, anything within the curly brackets is only added to the filename is the field value exists. For example, a pattern of %artist% - %title% (%key%) on a track without a key would normally end up as Daft Punk - Get Lucky (). By adding curly brackets, e.g. %artist% - %title% {(%key%)} a track without key would be Daft Punk - Get Lucky.

Here are some basic pattern examples to get started:

Pattern Result Explanation
%artist% - %title% Daft Punk - Get Lucky The two tags are replaced by the artist and title tags found in Lexicon
%artist% - %title% {(%key%)} Daft Punk - Get Lucky (12M) The key and parenthesis are only added if the track has a key. If not, the parenthesis will not be added either
%artist% - %title% {%key%}{|%bpm%} Daft Punk - Get Lucky 12M|128 The key and BPM are only added if the track has them.
{%genre% -} %artist% - %title% Pop - Daft Punk - Get Lucky Genre is added at the start of the filename, if there is a genre.
(Favorites) %artist% - %title% (Favorites) Daft Punk - Get Lucky A static text is added at the start of the filename. This is not based on a variable so it will not change.

Special Patterns

There are a few special patterns.

Bitrate (higher/lower 320kbps)

Bitrate is sorted in two possible folders:

320+ for all tracks that have a bitrate of 320 and higher.

320- for all tracks that have a bitrate lower than 320.

First tag

Uses the first tag on that track from the first tag category. You can which tag category is used here by making sure the category you want is the first visible one on the Tags page.

Current year

Uses the current year.

Current month

Uses the current month as a number with a zero padded on the left, e.g. 01 up to 12