Lexicon Manual

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Artist Cleanup

You can find Artist Cleanup in the sidebar under Quick Fixes

Artist Cleanup is a tool very similar to Genre Cleanup, it allows you to very quickly consolidate your artists.


Select any artists that you want to consolidate into one artist. Type that artist (or SHIFT+click any artist) in the New Artist field. When you save, all tracks with one the selected artists will get changed to the new artist.

You can use SHIFT+Click on any artist to auto-fill that artist as new artist.

You can filter on a artist in the track browser by using ALT+Click or OPTION+Click on any artist. This works really well when you have the Sidepanel open.

Pin Letter

You can pin a letter so you can scroll it vertically, this makes it easier to navigate.

Track Browser

You can right click any artist and this will take you to the track browser and only show tracks from that artist.


By default, only artists from the Artist field are used. You can enable different fields here, like Remixer, Producer, Composer and Lyricist. Enabling one of these fields will also update those fields when renaming an artist.

You can sort the artists in the Artist Cleanup screen alphabetically or by amount of tracks each artist has.