Lexicon Manual

The place to learn everything about Lexicon. Be sure to read about the Lexicon workflow.

Genre Cleanup

You can find the Genre Cleanup in the sidebar menu under Quick Fixes

The Genre Cleanup scans your entire library for every unique genre. You can then select the genres you wish to rename and very quickly create order in your genres.

This is especially useful when you're using Mixable Tracks where you can choose to stay within a certain genre. Or if you just want a nice and tidy library.

You can use SHIFT+Click on any genre to auto-fill that genre as new genre.

You can select all unlocked genres with CTRL/CMD+A and unselect all with Escape.

You can filter on a genre in the track browser by ALT+Click or OPTION+Click any genre. This works really well when you have the Sidepanel open.

Locking genres

You can right-click on any genre to lock that genre so you can no longer change it in the genre cleanup.

Import to tags

You can import all your genres to tags. Lexicon will create a tag for each genre found in your library and apply it to each track that had that genre. You can safely re-run this each time you add new tracks to your library to keep your genre tags up to date.

Important: Only use this after you clean up your genres or you may import a mess of genres into your tags.