Lexicon Manual

The place to learn everything about Lexicon. Be sure to read about the Lexicon workflow.

Syncing Lexicon to Engine DJ

You can sync your library to the Engine DJ desktop program or directly to a USB or hard drive in your Denon hardware, such as a Prime or SC6000.


Target drive

There are several target drives you can sync your Lexicon library to.

(Computer) Engine DJ desktop

The default target is your computer. This will sync your library with the Engine DJ desktop software. After this sync, you can use Engine DJ to create a USB or send your tracks to a hardware device.


This target is any USB device or Denon hardware that is connected to your computer. For Denon hardware to appear here, you must connect it by USB and put the device in "Computer Mode".

The device or USB must be formatted as an (ex)FAT filesystem for it to appear here. This filesystem is compatible with Denon hardware.

When syncing to a hardware device, Lexicon will also copy your music to the device. It does this in the same way as the Engine DJ desktop software, so your device will be ready for use after the sync. You don't need to use the Engine DJ desktop software if you sync with this method.


If you have Dropbox installed, it will appear as a target drive. This works the same as the Device/USB. Lexicon will create the database there and copy the files. You can connect your Denon device to your Dropbox account and play directly from there.

Beatgrid locks

Beatgrids can be locked to help you manage how Engine responds to new tracks. You have the following options:


Grids are locked if they were already locked when imported from Engine. If there is no previous Engine lock information, the grid is locked if there is a beatgrid (analyzed). The grid is unlocked if there is no beatgrid. This prevents Engine from overwriting Lexicon grids but still allows Engine to analyze grids for tracks that have no grid.

Lock all

All tracks that are exported have their grids locked.

Unlock all

All tracks that are exported have their grids unlocked

Album art

You can let Lexicon write your album art to Engine DJ. Since Lexicon needs to read all your music files, this will take extra time.

This option is especially useful when you sync directly to a USB or Denon hardware, since there is no way to reload album art on Denon hardware.

When you disable this option, Lexicon will keep existing album art in Engine DJ intact. So if you are only updating existing tracks (without changing album art), it's best to keep this option off for a faster sync.


Engine DJ has a feature called Remote Library, this is not supported by Lexicon currently. Tracks that you send to Engine DJ will not be playable through Remote Library on Denon hardware. The suggested approach is to sync your Lexicon library directly to your Denon hardware or a USB drive using the Target Drive option above.