Lexicon Manual

The place to learn everything about Lexicon. Be sure to read about the Lexicon workflow.


Syncing your library lets you copy all your Lexicon tracks and playlists into your favorite DJ app.

Syncing is very easy. Go to the Sync page from the sidebar menu and choose the DJ app you want to sync to. Most DJ apps require no extra work.

For Rekordbox, please refer to the Rekordbox page in the manual.


Sync is also what you use when converting your library. See Convert Library in the manual.

Full or Playlist

You can perform a Full Sync or a Playlist Sync. With a full sync, any track that does not exist in Lexicon will be removed from your DJ app. A full sync makes it so that your DJ app is the same as Lexicon. Rekordbox is the exception to this rule because of the extra XML import step. Rekordbox does not delete when importing.

With a playlist sync, your existing library in your DJ app is preserved and tracks and playlists are only added or updated. Nothing is removed.

Field Mappings

To get your specialized fields like Energy or your Tags from Lexicon into your DJ app, you have to use field mappings. See the Field Mappings page in the manual.

Key Conversion

See the Key Conversion manual page.


Lexicon has many more colors than the DJ apps. You can tell Lexicon to change your colors to the nearest matching color when syncing. For example, if the DJ app you've chosen does not support the color orange, then all your orange colors from Lexicon will be changed to red in the DJ app.

Leaving the option off will set no color if the DJ app has no directly matching color.