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Mar 7th 2024
Lexicon 1.6.0 Highlights
Lexicon 1.6.0 is now available with some BIG changes and countless fixes and improvements.
Dec 21st 2023
Everything you need to know about Device Library Plus
What is Pioneer's Device Library Plus and why does it matter?
Nov 18th 2023
Mix Like a Pro with Mixable Tracks
The Mixable Tracks feature in Lexicon DJ is a designed to help DJs find and select tracks that can be mixed together during performances. This blog explains how Mixable Tracks in Lexicon works.
Nov 9th 2023
Data Safety First: How Lexicon Backs Up Your Files and Database
Discover Lexicon's Cloud Storage feature. Upload and safeguard your music files, metadata and even stream your tracks on-demand.
Nov 2nd 2023
Guide: How to use Lexicon on two different computers
In this article, we will guide you through the process of using Lexicon on two different computers.
Sep 6th 2023
Guest article: Migrating from Beatport Pro to Lexicon
This guest article explains how you can migrate from Beatport Pro to Lexicon.
May 2nd 2023
Guest article: DJ G-Force's advanced workflow
DJ G-Force is using multiple DJ apps, Lexicon and other tools for an advanced workflow
Dec 13th 2022
Getting rid of duplicates without breaking your library
Lexicon can delete your duplicates without breaking your playlists
Oct 9th 2022
Guide: the fastest way to set your cues
It's called Custom Cue Anchors and it's the fastest way to set your own cues
Jun 21st 2022
Guide: Changing file extension without losing cue points
Learn how to use Lexicon to change file extensions in your DJ app without losing your cue points and without breaking your playlists.
Jun 7th 2022
Guide: Using Mixed in Key with Lexicon
Already using Mixed in Key? Here's how to add it to your Lexicon workflow
May 31st 2022
Guide: Moving and renaming files automatically
This guide will explain how to use the Watch Folder to let Lexicon move and rename your files automatically
Apr 17th 2022
DJ Library Conversion
Converting your DJ library between the big DJ apps
Apr 4th 2022
Guide: Moving Lexicon to another computer
You can move Lexicon to another computer - here's how.
Mar 23rd 2022
The Lexicon Workflow
How to use Lexicon and integrate it in your workflow.
Mar 1st 2022
Lexicon 1.0 🎉
Rekordcloud proudly presents Lexicon 1.0