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2 months ago
Guide: the fastest way to set your cues
It's called Custom Cue Anchors and it's the fastest way to set your own cues
5 months ago
Guide: Changing file extension without losing cue points
Learn how to use Lexicon to change file extensions in your DJ app without losing your cue points and without breaking your playlists.
6 months ago
Guide: Using Mixed in Key with Lexicon
Already using Mixed in Key? Here's how to add it to your Lexicon workflow
6 months ago
Guide: Moving and renaming files automatically
This guide will explain how to use the Watch Folder to let Lexicon move and rename your files automatically
7 months ago
DJ Library Conversion
Converting your DJ library between the big DJ apps
8 months ago
Guide: Moving Lexicon to another computer
You can move Lexicon to another computer - here's how.
8 months ago
The Lexicon Workflow
How to use Lexicon and integrate it in your workflow.
9 months ago
Lexicon 1.0 🎉
Rekordcloud proudly presents Lexicon 1.0