Lexicon Manual

The place to learn everything about Lexicon. Be sure to read about the Lexicon workflow.

Store Links

You can find Store Links in the left sidebar menu

With the Store Links feature you can quickly find pages where you buy tracks that you're looking for.

Currently searched on the following online stores:

  • Beatport
  • Apple Music (iTunes)
  • Bandcamp
  • Juno Download
  • Traxsource

You can load a Spotify or Tidal playlist or anything else from the Track Matcher and load it into Store Links from there. You can use any of the Charts by selecting one and loading the chart into Store Links.

Lexicon will do the boring and slow search process on multiple websites for you automatically.

Searching these stores is a slow process, roughly about 5 seconds per track. Results will be added as they come in.


Searching online stores takes time. Searches are executed in parallel to optimize the time it takes to get results. To speed up the results, turn off stores you don't use. Junodownload is particularly slow.


Lexicon shows the prices for each track so you can make an informed decision where to buy your tracks. Prices are only shown for stores that make this information publicly available.

You can let Lexicon convert the currency of the prices automatically. You can change this in the settings on the Store Links page.

Note: Lexicon is not affiliated with any of the available stores and any price you see only exists to give you an indication. Lexicon cannot be held responsible if any information in the Store Links results (such as price) is inaccurate.