Lexicon Manual

The place to learn everything about Lexicon. Be sure to read about the Lexicon workflow.

Manual Editing

You can select any number of tracks and open the track editor to edit tags.

If you have select multiple tracks, you will see <multiple values> in some fields. These are fields where not all tracks have the same value. If you change this, the new value will be set to all tracks on that field.

If you need more dynamic editing of many tracks at the same time, try using Recipes.

By default, the following hotkeys are available:

E: Open editor from the track list

In the editor popup: Left Arrow and Right Arrow: Navigate to the next track, if only one was selected. This will automatically save any changes.

Tab: Change between the manual editor and the recipes page.

Enter: When editing a field, press Enter to save and close the popup.

Escape: Close the editor popup, discarding any changes.

Album Art

You can replace and remove album art for as many tracks as you want. You can do this from the Album art button in the editor popup.

You can also Reload album art. This is useful if you've changed the album art outside Lexicon and you want to update the previews in the track browser.