Lexicon Manual

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Transfer Streaming To Local

You can find this utility in the Utility menu ➡ Streaming ➡ Transfer Streaming To Local

With this utility you can replace your streaming tracks with their local file counterpart. This keeps your playlists intact and your local tracks will get the beatgrids and cues from the streaming tracks.

This currently works with Beatport LINK and Beatsource LINK.


Usage is very simple. Your library needs to include streaming tracks and you need to have purchased the streaming tracks as MP3, WAV or AIFF file.

It's important that the purchased tracks are not in Lexicon. If you added them to your library, then Lexicon will not be able to automatically find them. In that case, simply delete them from Lexicon first.

Open the utility and point it at the folder that contains your purchased tracks. Lexicon will find them automatically and replace your streaming tracks with the local tracks.

Relocate single streaming track

You can right click any streaming track and use the Relocate option to change it to a file on your hard drive. Since this can be any file, there is no guarantee that your cue points will be an exact match.


Streaming track not replaced

If a streaming track is not replaced but you do have the local track, one of the following things could be happening:

The local track is already in Lexicon

Remove it from Lexicon and run the utility again

The local track is a different version

A track can have the same artist and title but still be a different track. This happens if you purchased a different version of the track or if the store deleted the track and replaced it with a different version. There is no automatic fix for it. Purchase the correct version if possible (right click a streaming track to open the store page for the correct version) and run the utility again.

If the original version no longer exists or can't be purchased, you will have to replace the track manually.

The local track is missing required ID3 tags

Matching is based on the information in the ID3 tags (specifically, the unique identifier tag). If this tag is not available, then it can't be matched. Make sure to leave the original ID3 tags in place.

Cues are shifted

Shifting cues is a problem that is not yet 100% solved. If you notice this, please contact support (Discord works best).