Lexicon Manual

The place to learn everything about Lexicon. Be sure to read about the Lexicon workflow.


Smart playlists are an essential tool to organize your DJ library. These have different names; Intelligent Playlists, Smartlists, Filter Folders, Smart Crates and more. In Lexicon they are called Smartlists.

You can create a smartlist by right clicking any playlist to add a new playlist or smartlist there.


You can set any number of rules, there is no limit.

The contents of your smartlist are based on the rules. If you add new tracks to your library, they get added to the smartlist automatically, if they match the rules.

You can select Any Rule or All Rules to decide if the tracks in your library should match any of the rules or all of them.

Archived tracks are not visible in your smartlists unless you add a rule to show them.

OR Rules

You can link rules together with an OR clause to create smartlists with more flexibility. The OR clause only works if your smartlist is set to "All Rules". or rules

This allows you to create smartlists like these: (Genre = "House" OR Genre = "Techno) AND (Rating = 3).


Smartlists are imported from the DJ apps automatically.

Smartlists can only be imported during a Full Import. The reason is that a smartlist has no actual track list so during a partial import there is no way to know which tracks belong to that smartlist.

DJ App Limitations

Rekordbox 5 does not support intelligent playlists through the XML. Getting your intelligent playlists in and out of Rekordbox 5 is not possible. Lexicon smartlists are converted to normal playlists when syncing to Rekordbox 5.

Rekordbox 6/7 only supports 2 MyTag smartlist rules, see below.

Not all DJ app support all smartlist rules, so smartlists may be converted to normal playlists on sync, see below.


Lexicon lets you convert your smart playlists from one DJ app to another. Almost all rules are supported in Lexicon but not every DJ app supports every rule. Most basic rules (e.g. number equals, text contains) will convert as expected. If a rule does not exist in a DJ app then the smartlist will be converted to a normal playlist in the DJ app. This way, you will still keep the right tracks inside that playlist even if that rule doesn't exist.

Lexicon tag rules are converted to Rekordbox 6/7 MyTag rules. The only Lexicon rules that are supported here are Has all these tags and Has none of these tags. These are mapped in Rekordbox 6 /7to contains and does not contain.


Because smartlists are dynamic, their contents are updated each time you select a smartlist. The bigger the library, the longer this takes. This only happens once every 30 seconds at most, so you can keep switching between smartlists without it taking time to load every time. This does mean that if you added a track to your library, it may take up to 30 seconds before it appears in the smartlist. You'll see the smartlist loading to indicate that it has updated.