About Lexicon

A little background...

What is Lexicon?

Lexicon is an advanced DJ library management tool. Lexicon eliminates the need for tedious manual work. With this software for Windows & macOS you can organize, sort and clean your music library. This will leave you with plenty of time to do what you do best, which is to mix those tracks and create an awesome atmosphere at your next party.


Lexicon is being built with the future in mind. Lexicon is the foundation to build great ideas on and lots of work has already been done to ensure that new cool ideas will be easy to add.

Lexicon aims to stay as up-to-date as possible. If new technology or trends emerge and it has a place in Lexicon, you can be sure we are on top of it! Got a cool idea? Let’s brainstorm about it.

We love to involve the community and most of the time, the best ideas come from the community.

Third parties

Third party integrations are a big part of Lexicon. Things like charts, record pools, album art finding, just to name a few. Combining multiple services like these into one easy place to manage gives so much power and simplicity to DJs, we can't just ignore that. If there is something new that gives DJs more power, then we are always open to adding it to Lexicon!


Lexicon is made by DJs who care. Made by the community.

The community will always be involved in the direction of Lexicon. Ideas come straight from the DJs, feedback will be asked before even building new features.

There is a dedicated Lexicon forum to discuss ideas and a Discord server so we can chat.


The goal of Lexicon is to give DJs a better library manager and to integrate this with other tools. As new technologies or trends emerge, Lexicon will try to add support for these.

The biggest goal of Rekordcloud (the company behind Lexicon) is to be distinctive and innovative. Make a difference compared to the bigger DJ tools.


There's nothing like experiencing the energy and enjoyment of a crowd in front of you. However, we have found that being a DJ also had its drawbacks, especially in terms of the many hours spent preparing for a show. Looking for the right music and tracks to be mixed, trying to understand all kinds of different information, all in order to create the right music combinations for that one moment behind the tables. This hassle and frustration triggered us to come up with a solution and develop Lexicon. We want to really listen to the community and make a difference in the scene.

From Rekordcloud to Lexicon

The idea behind Rekordcloud was always that it was a cloud (website) tool, but soon after releasing the first Rekordcloud version, it turned out having an app on the computer was inevitable. Now everything is in Lexicon and it won't have a website portion anymore. Still calling it something with "cloud" would lead to confusion, and the name "Lexicon" was born.

Rekordcloud will continue to exist as the company behind Lexicon.

A one man operation

About me

“When I was a little kid, my brother regularly surprised me by playing electronic music. His taste in music (like Prodigy and Chemical Brothers) led to me developing a preference for drum & bass, electronica and later techno. At the age of 25 I got the opportunity to join some friends in giving DJing a try at the local music temple Atak. I couldn't pass up on that opportunity!

I've also been a software developer for years and through my DJing I found pain points in the DJ world that I could solve with software, enter Rekordcloud. I'm happy I've been able to combine both my passions into Rekordcloud and now Lexicon. Seeing how my software makes DJs happy and saves them many hours of time is what drives me. Nothing beats knowing you're making a difference!”