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Extract Artist From Title

Sometimes you have tracks without MP3 tags that can result in tracks with titles like Daft Punk - Touch and no artist name at all.

With this you can quickly fix these tracks.

There are two options you can set here:


By default your title be split on - which would turn the above example into artist Daft Punk with title Touch. Choose the most suitable separator for your tracks. You can perform this action as often as you'd like so just do all your tracks in a few turns.

Result Number

If your old title is Daft Punk - Touch then you will want Daft Punk as artist, which is the first result. Result number should be set at 1 for this.

If your old title is in a different form, e.g. Touch - Daft Punk then you will want your result number to be set at 2.

This works for any number of results, so if your old title is 07 - Touch - Daft Punk then you will want to set result number to 3.