Lexicon Manual

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You can find Charts in the left sidebar menu

If you want to stay up to date, you need a quick and easy way to see what is popular right now. With Charts you can create playlists in your library as long as you have the tracks already. Lexicon will find them automatically.

Chart sources

There are several chart sources to choose from.

Apple Music / iTunes

Set the chart source to Apple Music to see the top 100 in the most popular genres on Apple Music. This chart source is good for pop music.

Not all music genres are represented on Apple Music, only the most active ones. For most EDM genres Apple Music does have popularity numbers but very outdated so that's why you can't see these.

Tracks are marked as NEW if they were added to Apple Music in the last 4 weeks. These charts are updated every day.


Set the chart source to Shazam and you can choose any country or city in the world to see the most "shazamed" tracks in that area. This chart source is great if you have an event where you're not up to date on the hits.


The historical charts will show you the top 100 tracks of every year since 1950.


The Beatport charts will show you the top 100 of each genre that Beatport has. These charts are updated every day.


The Billboard charts will show you the current Hot 100, R&B, Dance/Electronic and Country music.

Finding tracks

Any track that you already have in your library is marked with a double checkmark. This works by matching the track title and artist. If there is a mismatch then you can mark a track as such by right clicking it. You can also mark tracks manually and they will get a single checkmark. Tracks with a single checkmark were not automatically found by Lexicon so it won't be able to add those tracks to a playlist. Only tracks with a double checkmark can get added to a playlist.

Protip: If your tracks aren't matching properly because your track titles are low quality, try using Smart Fixes to clean them up.

Only new tracks

You can choose to only show the newest tracks in charts that support this. How new a track needs to be depends on the chart.

  • Apple Music / iTunes: this will only show tracks added to the chart in the last 4 weeks.
  • Beatport: this will only show tracks added to chart in the last week.