Lexicon Manual

Conversion Limitations

There are a few limitations when converting between DJ apps since not every DJ app has every feature or uses it in the same way.

Engine DJ Album Art

Lexicon does not add album art to your Engine DJ database so your album arts will initially be empty after a Sync.

You can load album art after a Sync by right-clicking tracks from Engine DJ and selecting Re-import track information. This will reload the ID3 tags and album art found in your music files, overwriting the info from Lexicon.

To keep your Lexicon tags after reloading album art, you can do another sync from Lexicon or write the tags to file. Right-click on your tracks in Lexicon and from the drop-down menu, select Use ➡ Write tags to file Write tags to file.” Now your tags will be the same as Lexicon when synced.


Traktor does not have colored cue points so any colors on your cue points will not be visible in Traktor.

Last Played

Rekordbox does not store last played date.

Serato & Engine DJ Playlist Folders

Serato and Engine DJ both allow tracks inside playlist folders. Other DJ apps and Lexicon do not allow this so any track directly inside a folder will not be visible in the Lexicon playlist folder or when converting to any other DJ app.

Remix Sets

Traktor remix sets are not currently supported.

Serato FLIP

Serato FLIP is not currently supported.