Lexicon Manual

The place to learn everything about Lexicon. Be sure to read about the Lexicon workflow.

Custom Tags

Lexicon has the most advanced tagging capabilities out there. You can completely customize the tags and categories to suit your workflow.

For example, custom tags allow you to mark tracks as "Techno" or "Has Vocals" or anything you want. Later when you are looking for a certain track, you simply click all the tags it needs have and Lexicon will show you the matching tracks.


Lexicon uses categories in which your tags fall. A category can be something like "Mood" or "Genre" or anything else you want.

You can add new categories by clicking the Add category button on the Tags page. You can edit categories by clicking the gear icon on each category panel. To visually recognize categories faster, you can give it a color.

You can drag and re-order categories on the Tags page.

Creating and Updating Tags

Click the plus icon on a category panel to create a new tag. Double click any tag to rename it.

Right click to delete a tag. The tag will be removed from all tracks.

You can drag tags from one category panel to another. You can completely customize your tag experience this way.

Adding Custom Tags To Tracks

You can add custom tags to your tracks in several ways.

The first is to show the Tags column in the track browser. Click on an empty tag to show the Tags popup and you can select any number of tags.

The second way is with track recipes. This is super powerful if you need edit tags for many tracks at a time. Select any number of tracks and right click and Edit. Switch to recipes and you'll see the tag recipes that allow you to add, remove or replace tags.

Importing Custom Tags

If you are a Rekordbox 6/7 user and use MyTags, then your tags should already be in Lexicon. MyTags are imported automatically when you import your library from Rekordbox 6/7.

You can also import tags from a text based system, such as the hashtag system. The hashtag system uses tags like "#Techno #Vocals" in your track comments. To import these to tags, select any number of tracks, right click and choose Edit. Switch to recipes and choose Import tags from text.

All tags that Lexicon did not yet know about will be in the "Imported Tags" category. You can drag them out into the right category.

Exporting Custom Tags

Tags can be synced to your favorite DJ apps by using the Field Mapper. To do this, open the field mappings dialog on the Sync page. Select All Custom Tags as your source and Comment (or another field) as target. All tags on each track will copied to the Comment field as the hashtag system, e.g. "#Techno #Vocals".

You can also use any of your tag categories as source. Only the tags from that specific category will then be exported.

Rekordbox is limited to 4 MyTag categories, see here for more information.

Showing Tracks

A tag system would be incomplete without a way to find the tracks you are looking for. For this, you can select any number of tags (use CMD/CTRL or SHIFT to select multiple) on the Tags page and then click Show tracks. This will show you all tracks that match the selected tags.

This works like this: any tags in the same category will be considered an OR and every different category is considered an AND. That probably sounds confusing, so as an example:

In the Genre category both "Techno" and "Drum & Bass" is selected. In the Vocals category, only "No Vocals" is selected. This will result in any "Techno" OR "Drum & Bass" track AND they must have "No Vocals".

Keyboard Shortcuts

There is a keyboard shortcut to open the tag popup (default T).

When the tag popup is open, you can navigate with the keyboard using Arrow Up and Arrow Down. You can type to filter tags and navigating tags will only navigate within the filter results. Pressing Enter will add or remove a tag. Pressing Escape will save and close the popup.

You can also assign keyboard shortcuts to specific tags. Right click any tag in the Custom Tags page to assign a number to it. Then assign a hotkey to that number in the Lexicon settings.