Lexicon Manual

The place to learn everything about Lexicon. Be sure to read about the Lexicon workflow.

Converting Your DJ Library

Lexicon is great at DJ library conversion with some of the most advanced supported tools like smart playlists, streaming tracks and more.

You can convert your from Rekordbox, Traktor, VirtualDJ, Serato, Engine DJ or to any of these.

Converting your library works on both macOS and Windows

To convert your library, you have to go through Lexicon, but this is very simple.

The process goes like this:

  1. Import DJ app library into Lexicon
  2. Sync Lexicon to another DJ app

You can import from your DJ app into Lexicon by going to the Sync page in the sidebar and then selecting Import tracks & playlists.


The following information will be converted:

  • Track info (rating, comments, play count, key and more)
  • Track locations
  • Cue points & loops
  • Beatgrid markers
  • Playlists
  • Smart playlists
  • Streaming tracks

There are some minor limitations since not all DJ apps have the exact same features, more on that below.

Partial sync

You can choose to only sync a partial library. This is especially useful for the bigger libraries because you only convert what you need. Especially with Rekordbox this is useful because it can take a long time to import back into Rekordbox.

Any track in the partial Rekordbox XML will overwrite the same matching track in your existing library. Other tracks will not be changed.

Beatgrid shift correction

There is a problem between how Rekordbox, Traktor, VirtualDJ and Serato read MP3 files. Most of the time they see the exact same MP3 file but in a small percentage of tracks, a tiny bit of silence (26 or 50 milliseconds) gets added to the start of the track. This causes your cue points and beatgrids to be shifted.

To correct this problem, Lexicon scans and adjusts your tracks automatically whenever you import or sync. This catches most problematic tracks but in rare situations you may still get this problem.

Nearest color

All DJ apps have slightly different colors. You can let Lexicon change your track and cue colors to the nearest similar color. If you disable this option, any color that does not exist in your target DJ app will be set to no color.

Exporting from Rekordbox

If you want to export your beatgrid, you have to select the BPM change points option in the Advanced tab under Rekordbox preferences. Normally, Lexicon does this for you automatically.


Last played

Rekordbox does not store last played date.

Remix Sets

Only Traktor supports remix sets. Lexicon does not support remix sets so these will be lost.


Rekordbox memory cue colors can't be converted because Rekordbox does not add these to the XML file. Hot cue colors do work.

VirtualDJ looks like it adds colors to your cue points but it actually doesn't by default. If you go into the POI editor, you will see all your cue points have no color by default. That's where you have to set cue colors.

Engine DJ does not support track colors.


Rekordbox saves intelligent playlists as normal playlists to the XML, so there is no way for Lexicon to distinguish them. That's why you'll see them as regular playlists when you are importing your new XML. Best thing you can do is to just ignore these, since the intelligent playlists that you already had will update as normal.

Rekordbox can handle up to 16 hot cues but only imports a maximum of 8.


FLIP entries are not converted. Only 1 beatgrid marker is supported in OGG files. AAC files are not supported.

If the amount of cues and loops cues together exceeds the maximum, then loop cues will be dropped first.

Your database file and crates are always backed up before Lexicon changes them. You can find these backups in the Music/_Serato_/Lexicon folder and on every drive that Serato has tracks on.

Engine DJ

To load album art after converting you can right click tracks in Engine DJ and use "Re-import track information", however it will then reload all tags from files which may be different from the collection. Download a second time to make sure the tags are correct. Or use the Tag Writer in Lexicon to write tags to files so reloading them will result in the same tags.