Business Solutions

Use Lexicon to empower your business or integrate directly into it.

Do you run a software business or service that helps DJs? You can leverage the power of Lexicon to reduce the time it takes to develop your application.

Lexicon Local API

With the Lexicon Local API you can read data (e.g. tracks, playlists, cues) from the library of the user. You can use this data in your own application or service and save valuable time creating an interface for track management.

The Lexicon Local API is free to communicate with. If you are a commercial business, then all you need to do is attribute Lexicon in a few specific places.

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Some services are ideal to integrate directly into Lexicon, such as charts and record pools. If you have a service that benefits from a tight integration with DJ library management, it may be a great fit for a Lexicon integration.

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