Lexicon Manual

The place to learn everything about Lexicon. Be sure to read about the Lexicon workflow.

Importing Your Apple Music / iTunes Library

Lexicon can import XML files exported from iTunes. These XML files contain your tracks and playlists.

Follow these steps:

  1. Open Apple Music / iTunes
  2. Go to File ➡ Library ➡ Export Library
  3. Save the XML file
  4. Open Lexicon
  5. Go to the Sync page and then click Import tracks & playlists
  6. Select iTunes
  7. Point Lexicon to the earlier created XML file
  8. Leave the other settings at their default
  9. Click Start importing
  10. Start using Lexicon!

Playlist import

You can create an XML with only selected playlists and import it in iTunes by choosing Import Playlist in the menu. But this only imports the playlist and not the tracks inside the XML. So your track tags will not update if you import a playlist in this way. To update your track tags in iTunes, you always have to do the above steps with an XML generated by a Full Sync.