Lexicon Manual

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Undo History

Lexicon allows you to undo changes, but it doesn't work like a traditional CTRL-Z that you might be used to.

Undo events are available for 60 minutes or until you restart Lexicon.


Undo History works on specific events, so it may not be available everywhere. You are able to undo things like smart fixes, playlist deletes, track deletes and edits.


When you want to undo multiple events, keep in mind that the order may be important when the events are related to each other.

An undo event might be a deleted playlist and Lexicon can restore it. But if the tracks inside that playlist have been deleted from Lexicon then they need to be restored first. In such a scenario, make sure to undo the track deletion first and then the playlist deletion.


Undo history is great to restore mistakes, but they are no replacement for a good backup strategy. Daily backups can save you a lot of work! See Database Backups for more information.