Lexicon Manual

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Track Discovery

You can find Track Discovery by right clicking tracks ➡ Use ➡ Discover new tracks

With Track Discovery you can easily find new track recommendations you'll like that you don't have in your library yet.

Just select a playlist and Lexicon will give you a long list of tracks that are similar. These tracks are checked before showing them to you so you'll only see tracks that you don't have yet.


Lexicon will do it's best to filter out tracks that you already have. This works best if your track titles are as clean as possible. Use Smart Fixes to clean them.

The amount of results may vary. If you give Lexicon a playlist with very few tracks then it may not find many new track recommendations for you. Try to use a playlist that has as many tracks as possible that are similar, so usually the same genre. Large playlists will give different results every time. You can run the same playlist multiple times for new recommendations.