Lexicon Manual

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You can find Recipes by selecting one or more tracks ➡ right click ➡ Edit ➡ Recipes

With Recipes, you can dynamically update many tracks at a time.

Recipes are executed on each selected track individually.

The following recipes are available:

To Lower/Upper/Title/Sentence Case

Changes a field to a certain casing. You can exclude certain words so they won't be changed.

Copy field

This copies a source field into a target field, overwriting the target field and leaving the source field intact.

Move Field

This moves a source field into a target field, overwriting the target field and deleting the source field.

Merge Fields

This merges two source fields into a target field, overwriting the target field. Leaves the source fields intact. You can add a separator between the two fields.

Prefix/Suffix Field

This will add a prefix or a suffix to a field.

Swap Fields

This will swap two fields.

Split Field

This will split a source field on a given text and copy the two results into two target fields, overwriting the target fields.

Example: Source: "Get Lucky - Daft Punk", split on " - " will result in the two target fields getting "Get Lucky" and "Daft Punk".

You can preserve the split text so it won't get deleted. In the above example, this would result in "Get Lucky - ".

Delete Cue Points

This will delete all cue points from the selected tracks.

Delete Beatgrid

This will delete all beatgrid markers from the selected tracks.

Half/Double BPM

This will half or double the BPM of the track and the beatgrid markers.

Quantize Cues

This will quantize cue points to the beatgrid. Quantizing means that cues that are not exactly on the beatgrid will be moved to the nearest beat marker. This only works if a track has been analyzed with a beatgrid.

Round BPM

This will round the BPM of the track and all beatgrid markers to the nearest full number. You can use this if you're very sure that your the BPM of the selected tracks are a full number (e.g. Electronic music).

Shift Cues/Beatgrid

You can move all cues and beatgrid markers by a specific amount of milliseconds.

Sort Cues

This will sort your cues chronologically.

Change Cue Colors

This will change all cue colors of the selected tracks to one of the color patterns. See the Lexicon app settings for an example of the color patterns. Random will simply give you random colors on each cue without using the same color twice. First cue color will set all cue colors to the color of the first cue point. Use this if you want one specific color.

Replace Cue Colors

This will find specific cue colors and replace them with the color of your choice.

Replace Cue Text

This will replace text inside the cue label.

Replace Text

This will replace any occurrence of the given text in a field with a new text.

Shorten Text

This will create an abbreviated version of the text in a field, giving each word a maximum length. The result will be copied into the target field, overwriting the target field and leaving the source field intact.

Example: "Get Lucky" with 2 characters will turn into "GeLu".

Remove Text

This will remove any occurrence of the given text from the field of your choice.

Change Extension

This will change the extension where Lexicon looks for your tracks.

Import Tags From Text

If you use text tags with the hashtag system, you can convert them into Lexicon tags here. The hashtag system are text values like "#Techno #Vocals". You can safely run this multiple times.

Add Tags

This will add the chosen tags to your selected tracks.

Remove Tags

This will remove the chosen tags from your selected tracks.

Replace Tag

This will replace the chosen tag with a different tag, if it is present on your selected tracks.

Mark As Incoming

This will put the selected tracks back into the Incoming page. You can then process them from there again. This is useful if you want to put messy tracks into the Incoming page as a todo-list or if you want to auto-move them to a different location.

Remove From All Playlist

This will remove the selected tracks from any playlist that it occurs in.