Lexicon Manual

The place to learn everything about Lexicon. Be sure to read about the Lexicon workflow.

Cue Points

Once you load a track into the music player, you can add or delete cue points.

You can right click a cue point to set a color, name and change it to a loop.

Delete a cue point by right clicking it or by CTRL/CMD clicking it.

By default, the following hotkeys are available:

1: Set or play cue 1

2: Set or play cue 2


CTRL/CMD+1: Delete cue 1

CTRL/CMD+2: Delete cue 2


You can change these hotkey in the settings.


You can turn any cue into a loop by right clicking it and setting a loop duration.


You can enable quantize to make your cue points snap to the beatgrid. Quantize can be enable from the Edit menu, or by pressing the Q icon to the left of the music player.

The Q hotkey also toggles quantize by default.

Dragging Cues

You can drag cue points to re-arrange them.

Moving Cues

You can move a cue to a new position in the track by holding the SHIFT button and clicking a cue. The cue will be set at the current track position.

Cue Templates

You can set up cue templates so you don't need to enter the same name and color each time.

To create a cue template, first right click an existing cue and click the arrow button in the bottom right of the cue popup. Click any empty line to create a template from your current cue point. If you want to update a template, just delete it and then re-create it.

To use a cue template, all you need to do is open the popup and click an existing cue template. That template will be applied to your current cue point. You can quickly do this by pressing the cue buttons (see the default keys above). Hotkeys are enabled for the first 8 cue templates.

You can add an unlimited number of cue templates. Once all your templates are full, a new empty template is created at the bottom.

To directly apply a cue template to a cue point, you can set up a hotkey for each cue template. If the music player is exactly on top of a cue point and you press the hotkey, that cue template will be applied to that cue point.