Lexicon Manual

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Record Pools (beta)

This feature is in beta and is subject to change

You can view record pool tracks directly inside Lexicon.

There is currently only one supported record pool: LateNight.

Logging In

You can browse and search all record pools, but in order to download tracks, you need to be logged in to that record pool. You also need a separate subscription for that record pool. You can login in by going to the Lexicon settings ➡ Integrations ➡ Record Pools.


You can download any track by clicking the download button on the right. Downloads will be added to your download pool and will be added to your Incoming page.

You can change where Lexicon downloads tracks to in the Record Pool settings.


The record pool queue is a place where you can find saved tracks from other applications that use the same queue. Tracks saved by the CrateQ application will appear here so you can download them easily. Queues are saved per record pool login.