Traktor to Rekordbox

This guide will show you, step by step, how to convert your Traktor library to a Rekordbox library.

This guide is the same for Windows and macOS.


You need to have the following installed:

Rekordbox needs to be started at least once.

You need an active Lexicon subscription. Basic is all you need. You can activate your subscription from inside Lexicon.


Converting from Traktor to Rekordbox is very easy, just follow these steps.

  1. Make sure Traktor and Rekordbox are fully closed.

  2. Open Lexicon.

  3. Go to the Sync page.

sync page

  1. Click the Import tracks & playlists button at the bottom.

import button

  1. Choose Traktor Pro. Lexicon should automatically detect your Traktor database.

traktor dropdown

  1. Make sure Full is selected so your entire Traktor library is imported.

full import option

  1. Click Start importing in the bottom right corner.

start importing button

Now your entire Traktor library will be visible in Lexicon. That was part one of the process. The second part is to sync your library to Rekordbox.

  1. Go to the Sync page again. This time we stay there and don't proceed to the import page.

sync page

  1. Choose Rekordbox. Lexicon should automatically detect your Rekordbox database.

rekordbox dropdown

  1. Make sure Full is selected and leave the other options on their defaults.

full sync option

  1. Click Sync to Rekordbox in the bottom right corner.

sync to rekordbox button

After the process is complete, your Traktor library will be fully converted to Rekordbox.

All your playlists are converted to Rekordbox, including smart playlists that are now intelligent playlists. All your tracks, cues, beatgrids and other tags will all be there.


For details and conversion limitations, please see the manual.

Lexicon does a lot to minimize the limitations of each DJ app, for example, through Field Mappings.


Check out our YouTube for videos about Lexicon.

Thoughts? Questions? Share them on the forum or chat about them on Discord.