Data Safety First: How Lexicon Backs Up Your Files and Database

Discover Lexicon's Cloud Storage feature. Upload and safeguard your music files, metadata and even stream your tracks on-demand.

Written by: Christiaan Maks
Nov 9th 2023

Protecting your music and data is important. A crash or stolen laptop can happen at any time so having good backups is essential. In this article, we'll explain how Lexicon can back up your files and database, making sure that your DJ career is safe and sound.

The Power of Database Backups

Lexicon provides an easy way to create backups of your entire music library and settings. Why is this so important?

  1. Safety Net for Experiments: When you're trying out new ideas, such as reorganizing your library or removing old tracks, you might be unsure about the outcome. Creating a database backup ensures that you can revert to your previous setup if things don't go as planned.

  2. Peace of Mind: Knowing that your music library's tags, artists, titles, cue points, playlists, and settings are safely backed up reduces stress during performances. You can focus on the music, not on what might go wrong.

  3. Recovering from Mistakes: Everyone makes mistakes. Whether you accidentally delete a playlist or mess up your settings, having a recent database backup allows you to recover quickly and easily.

Creating a Backup with Lexicon

Lexicon simplifies the process of creating a database backup. Here's how to do it:

  1. Open Lexicon on your computer.

  2. Navigate to the top menu bar and select "Backups."

  3. Choose "Database Backup" and then "Create backup."

This creates a backup that includes all your crucial library information and settings. It's a snapshot of your music management system, ready to be restored whenever you need it.

Of course, keep the backup ZIP that Lexicon creates somewhere safe, preferably on an external drive or in Dropbox or iCloud. Lexicon can keep it safe in the cloud for you, read about further down.

Restoring a Backup

Sometimes, you may find yourself needing to restore a database backup, perhaps after an unexpected issue or a desire to revert to a previous state. Lexicon makes this very easy:

  1. Go to the top menu bar, click "Backups," then choose "Database Backup."

  2. Select "Restore Backup" and pick the backup ZIP file that Lexicon has previously created for you.

Lexicon will replace your current database with the one saved in the backup, bringing back all your music library details, playlists, and settings.

Cloud Storage for Ultimate Protection

Lexicon also offers Cloud Storage as part of the Pro subscription. With Cloud Storage, you can upload your music files to the cloud, providing an extra layer of protection against data loss. This can be a life-saver:

  1. No Worries About Storage Space: There's no strict limit to the number of tracks you can upload, only a fair use policy. This means you can protect your entire music collection, no matter how extensive it is.

  2. On-Demand Restoration: If you ever lose your music files due to unforeseen circumstances, you can restore them from the cloud.

  3. Stream Tracks Anywhere: Any track you've previously uploaded to the cloud is available for streaming in Lexicon. This means that you can play your music even if it's not physically stored on your computer. Lexicon will download tracks on-demand as you play them.

Safety Is the Priority

Lexicon understands that protecting your music files and database is non-negotiable. With database backups and Cloud Storage, you can be confident that your DJing journey is safeguarded against data loss and unexpected mishaps.

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