Convert your library to Serato

What does Lexicon do?

If you've built up a collection of music tracks in one DJ software but want to switch to another, Lexicon can help you do that without losing all your carefully crafted cue points, loops, and playlists. It acts like a translator between different DJ software languages.

So, for example, if you've been using Serato but want to move to Rekordbox, Lexicon can take your Serato library, with all its specific data, and convert it into a format that Rekordbox can understand, saving you the headache of having to recreate your setup from scratch.

How to convert

Step by step

Converting your DJ library to serato is very easy, just follow these steps.

  1. Make sure both your DJ apps are fully closed.

  2. Open Lexicon.

  3. Go to the Sync page.

sync page

  1. Click the Import tracks & playlists button at the bottom.

import button

  1. Choose your current DJ app. Lexicon should automatically detect the database.

import dj app dropdown

  1. Make sure Full is selected so your entire library is imported.

full import option

  1. Click Start importing in the bottom right corner.

start importing button

Now your entire library will be visible in Lexicon. That was part one of the process. The second part is to sync your library to serato.

  1. Go to the Sync page again. This time we stay there and don't proceed to the import page.

sync page

  1. Choose serato. Lexicon should automatically detect your serato database.

sync dj app dropdown

  1. Make sure Full is selected and leave the other options on their defaults.

full sync option

  1. Click Sync to serato in the bottom right corner.

sync button

After the process is complete, your DJ library will be fully converted to serato.

All your playlists, tracks, cues, beatgrids and other tags will all be there.

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