How to rename files?

Lexicon can rename and even move your files automatically.

If you only want to rename files without moving them, follow these steps:

  1. Right click track one or more tracks ➡ Edit ➡ Recipes ➡ Mark as incoming
  2. Go to the Incoming page in the left sidebar, you'll see the tracks there
  3. Click Settings at the bottom
  4. Make sure Target folder is empty
  5. Make sure Rename files is checked
  6. Set up a FIle rename pattern, often something like %artist% - %title% is used to get a result like "Daft Punk - Get Lucky.mp3". For examples, see the manual
  7. Press the All Done button and all files here will be renamed. Your tracks in Lexicon will continue to work.
  8. Make sure to do a Full Sync to your DJ app after this to make sure any old filenames are cleaned up

If you've set up the Incoming settings already, then you only need to do step 1 and step 7 after this. And step 8 before using your DJ app.


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