Unable to relocate files, how to solve this?

When you are trying to relocate your missing tracks in Lexicon, it might not work. There are good reasons for that, let's try and fix them.

This guide is for when you are right clicking multiple tracks and choosing Relocate to select a folder. If you only select a single track and choose Relocate, you can point it at any file and you won't get any of these problems, but it's much slower, of course.

Make a Lexicon backup before starting this guide!

Reason 1: Track already in Lexicon

The most common reason why you can't relocate tracks to a different folder is that these new track locations are already in Lexicon. Maybe they were already in your DJ app or you dragged them into Lexicon? Either way, Lexicon does not allow the same track location twice so it can't relocate the old track to the new track location that already exists.


The solution is pretty easy here: make sure these new track locations no longer appear in Lexicon. Start by finding these tracks, you can sort the track browser by the Location column and easily find any track in the folder you are trying to relocate to. Select them all and delete them from Lexicon.

Deleting tracks is scary, so make a Lexicon database backup first, you can always go back that way.

Reason 2: Filename changed

Lexicon uses the track's filename to find the right file when choosing a folder to relocate to. If your track filenames have changed in the new folder, Lexicon won't be able to find them. Even a small change in filename will cause this. That's why you should really never change your filenames!

There is one exception: if your new tracks now have the _PN suffix at the end, Lexicon will automatically find those tracks since this is a common thing when using Platinum Notes.


If possible; change the filenames back to what they were, but often that is not really an option.

We can use the Lexicon Find Duplicates utility to solve this problem. Follow these steps:

  1. Add all the tracks from the new location into Lexicon
  2. Run the Find Duplicates utility
  3. Make sure all results are locked
  4. On the result screen with all the duplicates, click the Prefer... button and choose Inside (sub)folder and point it to the new folder that has all your moved tracks. Enable the Override locked option.
  5. Check a few of the results. The new folder should be the selected duplicate everywhere.
  6. Confirm and archive the old missing tracks.
  7. Check your tracks and playlists in Lexicon. Your playlists should have the tracks from the new folder.
  8. Your old missing tracks are in the Archive. You can delete them from the Archive by using the Cleanup tool there.
  9. Full Sync to your DJ app and everything should be there


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