Troubleshooting common problems

Computers are weird. Sometimes things just go wrong for no good reason. Lexicon can suffer from these problems too. Things might get stuck or give strange errors, often they are operating system (Windows/Mac) related.

Here's the first things to try:

Lexicon update

Be sure to use the latest Lexicon version. Lexicon is always under development and new versions always fix bugs and problems. You can update by going to the top left Lexicon menu item and then Check For Updates.

Check your security software

If you are running a virus scanner or security software, be sure to allow/whitelist Lexicon so it can operate normally. Lexicon has a few sub-processes that run so make sure they don't get blocked either. These process are called (without .exe for Mac):

  • tagger.exe
  • audio-analyzer.exe
  • beatshift-scanner.exe
  • ffmpeg.exe
  • ffprobe.exe

These processes are used during analysis, import, sync and when playing tracks. They are a vital part of Lexicon.

Computer restart

Try a computer restart, this can fix problems and is an easy thing to always try.


Lexicon installs a few temporary files, you can try running Cleanup from the Help menu. This deletes the temporary files and re-installs them.


Check if your permissions are correct. For example, an external drive that is read-only will cause problems. Mac sometimes sets external drives to read-only, you can eject the drive and re-plug it or just restart your computer to fix that.


Check out our YouTube for videos about Lexicon.

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