Setting up Zoom to allow remote control

A zoom video call is easy but allowing the other party to remote control your computer requires a few settings, follow these steps:

  1. Download Zoom Workplace if you don't already have it:

Download for Windows

Download for macOS

  1. Open Zoom and sign in

  2. On the Zoom main screen, click Share screen

  1. For macOS users: A popup will appear that asks to change system settings. Click Open system settings

  1. For macOS users: Toggle the zoom button so it is enabled

  1. For macOS users: Confirm the change and let Zoom restart when asked

  2. Back in Zoom, click New meeting

  1. Once you are in a meeting, click the Share button and choose Entire screen. Once the other party joins, they can now request remote cotnrol.

  1. Click the little arrow at Participants and then Copy invite link

  1. Send this invite link to Lexicon support


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