Serato library too large

If you get the message that your Serato library is too large to import or sync, this is what you need to do.

Why is your Serato database too large? This happens over time, Serato adds and removes track information but does not properly clean it up. So slowly it grows and never shrinks.

Follow these steps:

  1. Open Serato

!! Note: Your tracks need to work and not be missing in Serato.

  1. Create a new crate called "ALL TRACKS"

  2. Go back to the main screen by pressing "All..." in the top left sidebar

  3. Press CTRL+A or CMD+A to select all tracks and drag them into the "ALL TRACKS" crate

  4. Close Serato

  5. Locatie the Serato database file(s), there can be more than one, make sure to go through them all!

There is always a database file in your Music folder:

Windows: C:\Users\{username}\Music\_Serato_\database V2

MacOS: /Users/{username}/Music/_Serato_/database V2

Replace "{username}" with your username.

And there will be a database file on each external drive that you have DJ music on, so for example:

Windows: D:\_Serato_\database V2

MacOS: /Volumes/My External Drive/_Serato_/database V2

You should notice that the database file is pretty big.

  1. Rename all database files to "database V2 BACKUP"

  2. Open Serato and wait for Serato to be done reading all your file tags

Serato opens with an empty database, but all your tracks are in your ALL TRACKS crate so Serato immediately adds those tracks to it's empty database and begins reading file tags. The result will be what you had before starting this process, expect your database will be cleaned and much smaller.

After Serato is done reading your file tags, you can open up Lexicon and continue where you were.

You can delete the backup database file once everything works in Lexicon.


Check out our YouTube for videos about Lexicon.

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