How to restore your Rekordbox MyTags from the Comment field

If you use Rekordbox MyTags and you've somehow lost your MyTags or Rekordbox database but your MyTags are still available in the Comment field of your tracks, you can restore them. Rekordbox can write MyTags to the Comment field, so if you had that option enabled, this can help restore them.

  1. Start by importing your library from Rekordbox into Lexicon.
  2. Right click your tracks ➡ Edit ➡ Recipes and use the "Import tags from text" recipe. Make sure to use the correct separator. It's probably a comma if Rekordbox created it.
  3. Go to the Custom Tags page (left sidebar) and make sure to move your tags around the way you want them and (important) make sure you have 4 Custom Tag categories.

You need exactly 4 Custom Tag categories because Rekordbox has a limitation where it has exactly 4 MyTag categories.

  1. Now Full Sync to Rekordbox and you should have all your MyTags back!


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