How to import only beatgrids from a DJ app?

You can use Lexicon to import beatgrids or key from any DJ app. This is great if you prefer the beatgrids or keys from a specific DJ app. For example, Traktor has one of the best beatgrid analyzers so you can import those beatgrids into Lexicon.

Here's how to do that. We'll use Traktor for this guide.

  1. Create a playlist to send your tracks to Traktor, let's call it To Analyze

create playlist

  1. Add all the tracks you want to analyze in the new playlist

  2. Go to the Sync page, choose Traktor Pro and choose Playlist

sync page

  1. Select the To Analyze playlist and click the Sync button in the bottom right corner

  2. Open Traktor, the To Analyze playlist should be there

  3. Analyze all tracks in the playlist, set it to analyze All and enable Parallel Processing for faster analysis

analyze in traktor

  1. Once done analyzing, close Traktor and open Lexicon again

  2. Go to the Import page (Sync page ➡ Import tracks & playlists button)

  3. Choose Traktor Pro to import from, set it to Playlist and enable the Merge with current library option

import page

  1. Choose the To Analyze playlist on the right

  2. You'll notice the Specific fields option, this is the important one. Click it and make sure only Beatgrid is selected

specific fields

  1. Now press the green Import button in the bottom right corner

Now Lexicon will import only the beatgrids from Traktor for the tracks in your To Analyze playlist. All your existing track information will not be changed.


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