How do I use the track filename as my title?

You can load the track filename as your title in a few steps:

  1. Empty the title on your tracks. You can do that by selecting multiple tracks ➡ Edit ➡ empty the Title field, then Save.

  2. Write the title to your ID3 tags by right clicking ➡ Use ➡ Write tags to file and make sure Title is selected.

  3. Right click tracks again ➡ Reload Tags and make sure Title is selected. Because Title is empty on the file, it will default to your filename instead.

  4. (Optional) Use the Extract Artist From Title smart fix to take the artist from the filename that is now in your track title.

Once you're happy with your titles, be sure to write them to the file tags like in step 2, otherwise your ID3 tags will keep the empty title. ID3 tags are important for other programs like music players, that is where they get your artist, title, album information and more.


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