Disabling Rekordbox Cloud Sync

For best compatibility with Lexicon, you should turn off Rekordbox Cloud Sync. RB Cloud Sync can download information when it's not unwanted, causing double or broken tracks.

Follow these steps to turn off RB Cloud Sync and let RB move your tracks back to the original location:

  1. Open Rekordbox and select all your tracks
  2. Right click and choose Cloud Library Sync ➡ Move tracks to local storage

right click

  1. Wait until RB is done moving your tracks
  2. Click MY PAGE at the top right

my page

  1. Go to the Cloud Sync tab and disable Sync library to another device

tuen off sync library to another device

Now your RB is in the original state again, before you used Cloud Sync.

When you sync from Lexicon to RB, Lexicon will recognize that you no longer have Cloud Sync enabled your sync should not have any unexpected results that can happen from the Cloud Sync incompatibility.


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