Local API

Use the power of the Lexicon Local API to connect other apps or services in no time.

Lexicon has an API that other applications can use to get data out of Lexicon. You can get almost anything out of Lexicon, like your tracks, playlists, cues, beatgrids, tags, etc.

You can also directly query the Lexicon SQLite database, but it is not recommended to do so. You may run into locking issues while Lexicon is running, and you will have to join your own data. Unless you have a very specific use-case, you should always use the API first.

Enabling the API

The Lexicon Local API is a REST API that you can send requests to as long as Lexicon is running.

The API is disabled by default. You can enable the API in the Lexicon settings under Integrations.


There is currently no authentication for the API, but this will change in the future.


All query parameters can also be sent as a JSON body, even for GET requests.

Query string parameter arrays and objects are in the following form:

Array: /tracks?fields=title&fields=artist

Object: /search/tracks?filter[artist]=Daft%20Punk&filter[title]=Touch

Getting started

You will find the API on your local computer at http://localhost:48624.

After enabling the API in the Lexicon settings, you can test this by sending a simple request: GET: http://localhost:48624/v1/tracks
With the following query string parameters or JSON body:

  "limit": 10,
  "offset": 0

This will return the first 10 tracks of your library.

Need help or have feedback?

You can get help or share your feedback or project with other Lexicon users on the forum or on Discord.

Missing something in the API? Let us know!

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